How to Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Can Hypnosis Be Used to Quit Smoking

When you are determined to quit smoking, you are ready to fight it any way you know just to quit it.

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There’s no better time to Quit Smoking than now!

You might have already tried to stop smoking before but it wasn’t so successful. And then you’ve found out how people use hypnosis to quit smoking. 

At first, many people don’t even consider it thinking it’s some sort of a scam, and on the other hand, many people get worried and are unsure if it’s a healthy way to deal with something serious such as addiction.

We all know what are the dangerous risks of smoking, but still many people do it on daily basis. Deciding to quit smoking, especially after a long time can be really hard. If nicotine chewing gums or any other ways of quitting didn’t work out for you – there is still a hope. Maybe hypnosis will do its trick and help you quit smoking.

How Is Hypnosis Related To help you Quit Smoking?

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Let’s Quit Today

If you don’t know much about hypnotherapy or hypnosis, I’d recommend you to do your research before even thinking about quitting smoking with hypnosis. 

Smoking is one of the top rated dangerous addictions, which is more of a bad habit. Hypnotherapy with the help of hypnosis is able to put a person in the inducted trance-state where the person is very relaxed. When a person is in that state of relaxation, his conscious mind is suppressed while subconscious mind is revealed.

All the bad habits, fears, phobias are part of human’s subconscious. It’s hard to get rid of them since our conscious mind is suppressing those bad habits and feelings deep down our subconscious.

Thanks to the hypnosis, people are able to reveal our subconscious and deal with the habits, fears, phobias this way when it’s hard to do it any other way.

Addiction is clever. No matter how strong you decide to quit smoking – once you’re at your lowest point you’ll start thinking that taking just one cigarette is okay and there you go again into the circles.

That’s the reason many people can’t fight or quit smoking, while on the other hand there has been a lot of success using hypnosis to quit smoking.

                    Try these videos out to see if helps you to quit smoking before you call us.. 😉

What is The Process of Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking?

It all starts with the negative outcome of being a smoker.

Of course, everyone already knows that smoking can kill you or that you can get lungs cancer because of it. Still, it’s hard to quit smoking on your own even when you know what the risk is if you don’t quit it.

That’s why the same negative outcome of smoking is used during hypnosis since it won’t only reach our conscious mind, but subconscious mind too.

Also, it’s important for a person to know the reasons he wants to quit smoking. Having goals will keep you motivated and will help you not to smoke one since all your hard work will be in vain.

There is a Spiegel method which is commonly used when using hypnosis to quit smoking.

It focuses on one of the three ideas:

  • Smoking poisons the body
  • You need your body to live
  • You should respect your body

That way, a hypnotherapist teaches smokers how to use self-hypnosis to their advantage whenever they get the feeling to smoke a cigarette.

During the process, a patient is usually asked to image the worst outcomes of smoking. A hypnotherapist will suggest things such as the cigarette smoke smells like a truck exhaust which is related to unpleasant outcomes.

Does it Actually Work?

Hypnosis won’t work for everyone. But make sure you understand that hypnosis won’t make you quit smoking right away.

There is a research done that says 1 out of 4 people won’t be able to get hypnotized. Also, other 3 people who are able to get hypnotized successfully won’t experience the same intensity level which means different results.

It varies from person to person, and nobody can say guarantee if it will work. The best way to stop smoking would be to combine different techniques with a determinate goal to quit smoking.

Along with the hypnosis, you should be using different techniques as well for the best outcome possible.

There are still people who have quit smoking many years ago but they still say they get the feeling to have a cigarette when having a coffee. The reason is simple. They’ve decided to quit smoking on a conscious level and they did it on a conscious level. However, they haven’t get rid of it in the subconscious mind and that’s why they get craving feeling for a cigarette.

This video is 8 hours ling, and is to be used whilst you sleep. Try it, and see if it helps you. If not, contact us for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult to see if Hypnosis is right for you.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are not any side effects of using hypnosis to quit smoking.

As I have mentioned before, hypnosis won’t make you quit smoking right away. However, after a few sessions, you will slowly start to lose the feelings of addiction.

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How much is it going to cost if you don’t stop Smoking now?

You will slowly start losing the feeling that tells you to smoke one when having a coffee, or one before the bed to get relaxed. 

It’s all about the state of mind and that’s what hypnotherapy is there for.

As there are no side effects of using hypnosis, there are some side effects of quitting smoking in general. Your body starts changing immediately after you quit smoking, but you don’t feel it right away.

You won’t feel how your body changes back to normal. You will rather feel side effects of quitting to smoke. You will start craving for a cigarette, probably lose some sleep because you won’t be able to relax before bed as you used to, will experience mood swings and so on.

These are just temporary side effects of quitting smoking which isn’t related to hypnosis and everyone who quits smoking no matter which way will experience it.


If you quit before you are 50, you cut the chance of dying in the next 15 years in a half.

In my opinion, hypnosis is simple and everyone should at least give it a try. There are no actual side effects, which means it can only be a win situation for you. 

Hypnosis is done by a licensed hypnotherapist, and it is nothing to be afraid of.

In order for Hypnosis to be effective, you must be 100% committed to the process. At the end of the day, you have to be responsible for your own actions don’t you? If you go into this not being 100% committed, I assure you hypnotherapy will NOT work for you. You’re just wasting your time and money, and our time. We aren’t in this just for the money. We’re in this to see that you’re successful in what ever bad habit or issue you want to change. It makes us very happy when you succeed. The money is the byproduct. We’re not the cheapest, yet with our ‘Free’ 10 minute consultation, we can tell whether this is right for you or not.  Remember when you’re looking for a Hypnotherapist make sure you ask about success rates. The money should be secondary. You get what you pay for. How many Hypnotherapists will tell you that? Contact Us.

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Happy to Finally Quit Smoking

Although feel free to mix techniques along with the hypnosis, as hypnosis won’t make you stop smoking immediately, and it will slowly change your subconscious habit.

Which, in my opinion, is always better in a long run than quitting to smoke at the conscious level as the cravings might appear even many years after.

Do You Fear Rejection? Why?

Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection and Enhance Your Whole Life


What would your life look like if you were free from worrying about the opinions of others (them “Rejecting” your ideas or opinions or even you!? 

Rejection can make you or break you. Your choice!

What if seeking the approval of other people failed to enter your mind?

How would it change your life?

Our lives are negatively influenced by the fear of rejection.

It holds us back in so many ways and limits our ability to experience the positive aspects of life.

Consider these ideas to banish your fear of rejection:

1. Rejection is largely a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you’re constantly worried about rejection, it changes the way you act. You become anxious and defensive. Those actions may cause you to be rejected by others. After all, who wants to spend time with someone who’s unpleasant to be around?

Do you let the opinions of others get to you? Why?

* Consider how this fear is affecting your behaviour. Are you acting in a way that’s causing others to reject you?

2. Focus on how you want to feel. Most people focus on how they don’t want to feel, but they haven’t considered how they want to feel. It’s hard to accomplish something positive if you’re unsure of what you want.

* Choose how you want to feel in a situation that’s currently giving you trouble. Take actions that will bring you the feelings you want.

3. Use your imagination in a way that serves you well. We often look ahead to those challenging circumstances and imagine the worst possible outcome. This only adds stress to the situation and we’ve doomed ourselves to failure. See yourself as successful instead.

* Imagine being confident, relaxed, and carefree. If you do this enough times, it will become habitual. Your imagination has probably been hurting you up to this point. Put it to work in a way that is helpful rather than harmful.

4. What does rejection really mean? Suppose a child finds a gold nugget lying on the ground. The child doesn’t know what it is, so he just tosses it into the dirt. That doesn’t mean the nugget is worthless, but just that the person making the judgment is ignorant of its value.

* Many successful people were rejected at one time or another. A theatre professor told Harrison Ford that he would never be a successful actor. The University of Evansville put out a scouting report on Larry Bird that stated he would, “Never play Division I basketball.” Record companies even rejected the Beatles.

* Sometimes others make poor judgments. Avoid giving the rejecter too much credibility.

5. Be wary of your own opinion. What if all of your beliefs were true? You’d be a billionaire and married to a supermodel. We all have false beliefs. These beliefs are highly limiting and steer you in a negative direction far more often than you realise. Question your beliefs. Rejection is one of the worst feelings in the world. But remember that you have some influence on whether or not you’re rejected by others. It’s also important to keep in mind that rejection frequently has more to do with the person doing the rejecting than the one receiving it. Eliminating the fear of rejection is a worthwhile endeavour. When you are free of this fear, a whole new world will open up to you.

You can either fear rejection or learn how to deal with it, it’s up to you. How would you feel if you concurred that emotion? What would your life look like?

I absolutely LOVE this article. It’s a great start to changing your life.

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